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70% of Overtime Workers Will Have Sex-Full Color

70% of Overtime Workers Will Have Sex-Full Color

Reviews : 


5 (5)

Author : 

Yukari Takenaka

Story :  While she was alone in the office with him, he pushed her to the ground… "Didn't you know that things like coworkers having sex while working overtime does occur?"
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    January 14, 2024 (PST)

    Super good
    So good that I dropped 88.60 US dollars on it! And not an inch of me regrets it for a second truly!!
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    January 6, 2024 (PST)

    Not usually my cup of tea, but this one is!
    This review contains spoilers. Im usually not one for office romance manga, especially when the title or premise seems to just be “hmm we work overtime so let’s have sex!!!” right off the bat. Based on the premise and title, that’s what I was expecting….and was happily surprised! 

    spoilers for beyond ch1:
    Misato seems to be an easily flustered, pretty standard FMC. She might be a little oblivious, but she’s not an idiot though, which is lovely! When she catches her crush hooking up with another coworker after hours, she gets upset, and another coworker sort of comes to her rescue. Normally this is where I’d see male coworker #2 immediately try to get in her pants, but that’s where the happy surprise comes in. 

    Keigo (aka male coworker #2) is pretty chill. It’s obvious to the reader that he has a thing for Misato, and he makes some moves on her, but he’s also really respectful of her awareness, feelings, and boundaries. Even when he’s drunk and clingy, he just kind of cuddles her. No groping! Nothing forceful! Just sort of…oops im cuddling you now.  Which is awesome and i love it! 

    There IS the ~princely~ freelancer, who gives me (and Keigo!) an icky manipulative vibe, though. I’m sure things will go south with him rly fast 😅

    I anticipate things getting steamy between Misato and Keigo of course, but so far (ive read up to ch19) it’s really sweet and actually kind of a realistic building of friendship and trust before hopping between the sheets. 

    I’m definitely looking forward to reading more!
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Review Spotlight!

I've done a lot of overtime in my life, but not like this…
What would you do if you saw your coworker and the new hire having sex in the office?! A new kind of romance manga, straightforward office love with a sprinkling of eroticism! What’ll happens to them after that? You won’t be able to take your eyes off them!


Content Rating18+Rating

Page Count 9 Pages

Publisher wwwave comics

Color or Monochrome color


Digital Release Date February 28, 2022 (PST)

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