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I Caught My Boyfriend Cheating, and My Ex Was There Too?!

I Caught My Boyfriend Cheating, and My Ex Was There Too?!

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4.3 (3)

Author : 

Kaida Hiro

Story :  She finds her boyfriend cheating, and at the same spot her ex shows up out of nowhere!! Her harmonious lovey-dovey life with a popular photographer is suddenly overturned, and she's knocked down to her lowest rock bottom ever - what will become of Mahiru now!? Truth and lies become entangled as this complicated four-way affair begins...
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This title has 10 chapters.
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  • StarStarStarStarStar

    Sandy Moreno

    October 20, 2023 (PST)

    Go go female lead!
    The boyfriend is total scum how can you say you love someone and wanna be with them and then cheat behind their back!
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Review Spotlight!

Catching a Cheater, But Then...?
The MC doesn't get to see much of her photographer boyfriend because he's always busy with gigs, but even then they're happy together. Or so she thought, until she sees him taking another woman into a hotel. Then she bumps into her ex right afterward, and that's when things really kick off!!


Content Rating16+Rating

Page Count 37 Pages

Publisher Solmare Publishing

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date February 28, 2022 (PST)

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