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  • The Bespectacled Prince And the Punk Next Door


    After getting away from her hometown - and her delinquent brother who basically ran the place - Yui is living it up at university. There, she falls for a cool, handsome (same difference!) Prince Charming in glasses who is the total opposite of her idiot brother, but unexpectedly her prince's friend is a delinquent!? On top of that, he's always getting in her way!! Just as she thinks it's all over for her, in more ways than one, she discovers that her prince in glasses lives in the apartment next door!?
  • Ripe for the Picking


    What's in store for 32-year-old virgin and feeling insecure about her lack of experience?! Maiko Kousaka is your average office worker, except she has a secret that absolutely can't get out! Even though she's over 30, she still hasn't done "it". Desperate to change things, she decides to take matters into her own hands.
  • I Won't Fall for This Ravenous Beast!


    "I promise... I'm going to win you over, body and soul." All Aoi wants is to be able to enjoy her youth just like any other teenager her age, but she's stuck acting as a caretaker for her childhood friend, Souma. If that weren't bad enough, Souma is a total piece of trash that gobbles up any girl who comes along like some ravenous beast! "I'll never let a guy like that have me!" she promises herself, but Souma one day declares that there's a girl he "needs more than life itself" and starts making advances toward Aoi?! "Tonight... I want to sleep with you," he says and carries Aoi to his room, uses her as a body pillow, and even kisses her..?! She's unable to push him away for some reason, and... Thus begins the sugary romance between Aoi and her assertive childhood friend who's set on winning her heart...!
  • Mr. Paper Bag is in Love
    Is that a stalker? A weirdo?
    Oh, no. It's just a normal university student who's in love.
    He just happens to be living his life with a paper bag over his head.
    It does mean that he gets a lot of strange looks on campus though...
    In spite of his overwhelming shyness, he still manages to confess his feelings to the girl he is in love with and do his best to win her over!
    The girl he's crushing on, Umi, can't believe it!
    And things start to take an unexpected turn?!
    Weird yet lovable, an adorable romantic comedy that's sure to win over your heart!
  • My Pop-star Co-worker


    Sayaka Tsuneda, age 29, works at an advertising agency when one day a suit-wearing angel descends before her very own eyes?! The idol that gave her life worth meaning is now her co-worker and she's in charge of his training... Is this a dream?! Sayaka struggles to handle her own feelings as the two of them grow closer and closer. How will this awkward fan girl's love story end?!

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  • This Boy in Class
    Tsubaki Imai is the kind of quiet girl you'd never see in the center of attention. She doesn't really know how to talk to the cool kids at school like the loud boys and the bubbly girls,so she isn't exactly thrilled when she's assigned the seat next to Mamoru's,a big,unfriendly,and kind of scary guy who everyone at school seems to know. But,then,they both become class presidents,and as they start talking... This is a story about an ordinary girl who falls gradually in love...
  • My Pet Is a Yakuza
    "Starting today, I am your pet" says the yakuza who forced his way into my house...!? I don't care if he says he'll answer to my every order, he's just a bother...!


    Daisy, a poor waitress, decided to marry multimillionaire Matteo after they met by chance. Matteo needed a wife in order to take over his grandfather's company and he assured her the marriage would be for two years only. However, three years have gone by now and Daisy is still married! Exasperated, she asks Matteo for a divorce. But she's shocked when he proposes that they make their relationship real. He's never so much as looked at her in the past three years, and now he wants a real marriage?
  • It's Because You Keep Doing xx


    "You act like this is our first time together." We had only just met when my neighbor Kamiya said that to me... - Shii Hayama, 27 years old, is an office worker at an advertisement company. With the intense workload she has, taking the last train home late at night is just part of her routine. One such night, a man she doesn't know wakes Shii up after she drifted asleep on the train. She later discovers that this man was her new neighbor, Azusa Kamiya. Even though they've just met, how is it that he knows her body inside and out?! This Kamiya guy is hiding an astonishing secret...!

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